Monday, May 17, 2010

Supreme Court of India and Bar Council Jharkhand takes cognizance of Sting Video

Truth and Justice cannot be suppressed indefinitely. Firstly Jharkhand bar Council took cognizance of the sting video shot by Saubhik Chattopadhaya.

Mr. Chattopadhaya filed a complaint in Jharkhand Bar Council citing his grievances against Mrs. Ritu Kumar pursuant to directions issued by Jharkhand High Court. As per the complaint Mrs. Ritu Kumar was blackmailing accused in the Famous PIL against Jharkhand politicians and private businessmen. She had abused the process of a Public Interest Litigation and turned the sanctity of a PIL into Personal Interest Litigation. As reported in previous updates this sting video shows Ritu Kumar asking money to ensure that accused in the PIL are relieved because of her favorable disposition in Jharkhand High Court.

After the publicity of this video, Mr. Saubhik Chattopadhaya was brutally attacked at the behest of Mr. Saryu Roy, ex MLA (BJP). Thankfully a criminal case was registered against Saryu Roy and his associates. Incidentally Mr. Saryu Roy was also added as an accused in this PIL, however his name was quite easily removed.

Mr. Binod Sinha, also moved Supreme Court against Jharkhand High Court refusal on three occasions to remove his name from the PIL. His point of contention has always been that he is being dragged into this PIL for political and personal reasons. Jharkhand High Court was not willing to consider his plea that the veracity of allegations against him be established before dragging him into PIL proceedings. His being dragged into PIL proceedings caused him serious prejudice because of ensuing media trial propagated by his business rivals. He was virtually being held guilty by investigating agencies even before the investigation was complete. Coercive measures were being used against him, his family and his representatives. One of his representatives even filed a complaint with National Human Rights Commission. Supreme Court saw merit in his contentions and allowed his petition. Supreme Court has issued notice to all the parties and ordered interim stay against Binod Sinha.

This whole episode is one major example that how PIL can be abused by people with ulterior motives. People with vested interests can turn a bonafide remedy offered by our judicial system into a bogus proxy litigation and use the same to blackmail victims.


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    On dated 6.1.2011 , Finally Disciplinary committee of Jharkhand Bar Council passed an order for ‘Prohibiting Practice at any Court’ to Advocate Ritu Kumar and Advocate Rajendra Krisnan. And also imposed fine on them.